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Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine which often begins in early childhood when the spinal bones are still growing. In most cases the cause of scoliosis is unknown however, some studies have shown that family history may play a role.


Scoliosis is about twice as common in females than it is in males. Most cases are mild however, some children develop more severe curves which can continue as they mature into adults. Scoliosis normally does not cause pain unless the curve becomes more advanced.


Unfortunately, the most common medical treatment for scoliosis is the “wait and see” approach. Children or adolescents are evaluated and then rechecked in six months to one year. The problem with this methodology is that crucial time is wasted and in many cases the abnormal curves can progress.


Dr. Stein has been evaluating and treating children, adolescents and adults with scoliosis since 1987. Dr Stein utilizes specific spinal manipulation, physiotherapy and corrective exercises to treat these abnormal curves.  Early detection is of great importance when treating scoliosis. Dr. Stein has  had excellent results with stopping and in some cases reversing these curves.


Over the years, Dr. Stein has volunteered his time at local school districts performing scoliosis screenings on elementary school, middle school and high school children.


Call Dr. Stein to set up an appointment so that you or a family member can be evaluated for scoliosis.

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